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History of GCMUN

The significance of our beloved event

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Our Story


GCMUN is back this year – brilliant, triumphant and thriving! As we embark on the journey to the seventh edition of our esteemed MUN, let’s look at how the entity that is GCMUN descended upon its quest to find glory and came to be in the first place.


The reign of this proud monarchy has been going on since 2016, catering to its subjects- our dear delegates; and emerging victorious after every year’s edition. Open to our MUN enthusiasts yet again, let the GCMUN team give you a zoom in overview of the blood, sweat and laughter gone into curating Prabhavati Padamshi Soni International Junior College’s beloved annual event. When starting off with our first ever MUN, we would have never have fathomed that we would be receiving the most positive feedback and heartiest wishes over the years…


The birth of GCMUN was due to our highly revered faculty such as Ms Amonkar, Ms Kusnur and Ms Naik, believing that it is imperative the youth of today, the leaders of tomorrow understand and discuss global issues with utmost diplomacy and sophistication giving them a holistic perspective about International Relations and the very art of running a country. It seems like just yesterday when we hosted our first conference with a handful of delegates, and today we stand at a position that surpasses limits we could have only dreamt of.


Today we stand in 2023, the year we are set to return to our original normal, with a warm, enriching smile that isn’t concealed by a mask anymore, we are back! The GCMUN is recognised as one of Mumbai’s most prestigious and distinguished MUNs, over the years we have managed to not only make a place in our audiences’ minds but also, in their hearts. Almost every MUNner in Mumbai, looks forward to the yearly GCMUN conference, and, so, we couldn’t be prouder to announce that GCMUN 2023 will be an offline MUN.


GCMUN 2023 is sure to outclass all the former editions as we return bolder and stronger this year! This edition of GCMUN aims to discuss the ongoing, and quite unfortunate, Ukraine-Russia war. We strongly advocate for Ukraine, extending our empathy towards the valorous nation of Ukraine. Our former editions were all about the ‘glory that awaited you,’ at GCMUN, or the ‘revolutions instead of the resolutions’ that were made during our committee sessions, however this year we energetically aim to instil the notion that “peace begins with you”, as a tribute to the Ukrainian people.

With this edition, we hope that you embody this ‘motion’ of peace beginning with you as we delve into two rigorous days of discourse and decision-making. Remember delegate, this is a MUN where you don’t say it, you debate it.


The experience of GCMUN 2023 is sure to empower you to dive into the world of diplomacy as you represent delegations and handle international relations – all while drafting resolution papers and improving your public speaking skills! MUNners of Mumbai, this is the real deal, and it cannot possibly get better than this!


Coming to probably the most vital aspect of any MUN, the committees, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a plethora of committees ranging from UNW to UNSC, from UNFCCC to NATO; we have a committee catering to newbies and experienced MUNers, so join us if you can debate with diplomacy!

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