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Welcome to GCMUN 2024

Ceasing wars: through dialogue, not destruction.

Attention, all delegates and MUN enthusiasts! We are overjoyed to announce spectacular news of GCMUN's long-awaited return. 
Last years experiences had made GCMUN bigger, better and bolder. 
Ecstatic to start with the 8th GCMUN organised by PPSIJC, we bring you closer to a dynamic world of Model United Nations. 
Naturally, fellow delegates, GCMUN 24 looks forward to your arrival!

Conference Dates 
20th and 21th July 2024

 Letter of Appreciation

Manoj Sinha

Global Confluence Model United Nation of Prabhavati Padamshi Soni International Junior College provides a rare opportunity for young minds to learn about global politics and policies in a dynamic world to achieve the national interests.

The broad foreign policy framework whether bilateral, regional or multilateral is deeply rooted in the art of constructive engagement over aggression, diplomatic outreach on the issues of global dimensions and enhancing coordination in a wide array of areas. GCMUN is contributing immensely in sharpening the young minds in foreign policy priorities and challenges with a clear objective to enable them in learning contemporary realities of global governance and global trade practices. GCMUN is offering a robust and multifaceted engagement platform on which youth seek to build a more modern global perception, new confidence to redefine the role of United Nations committees in the wake of post cold war alignments. Today's youth dream ofa world free from strife, a world without war and suitable functioning as well as the efficacy of international cooperation. GCMUN through enlightening discussion is trying to project decision-making mechanisms to pursue strategic objectives. 

Under the dynamic leadership of Divith Chowdhary, the 8th Edition of GCMUN (2024-25) of PPSIJC is shaping the young minds to tackle issues emanating from rapidly changing geopolitical landscape and visible shift in political, economic and cultural ties across the world. It is my hope that the GCMUN, Mumbai Chapter will continue to ignite young and thinking minds with common commitment of Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam.

Message from Chief Advisor
Divith Chowdhary
I, Divith Chowdhary, the chief advisor, feel tremendously honoured, as I proudly present the glorious 7th edition of the GCMUN; here, we strongly believe that joining hands and uniting is essential to thrive in our world. Therefore I am proud to announce our motto for this year’s GCMUN, “unify nations, inspire change”  
Despite remaining a simulation of the real world, model U.N. expanded my perspective on issues beyond our borders and pushed me to be an active citizen in our world, and at GCMUN, we hope to do the same for you. 
As we look around the world today, we see so much division and conflict. Countries are divided by political ideologies, religious differences, and cultural traditions. But if we can come together and focus on what unites us rather than what divides us, we can inspire change and create a better future for all.

 "Unifying Nations, Inspiring Change" is a call to action for all of us. It asks us to put aside our differences and work towards a common goal. It challenges us to see beyond our own borders and to recognize the humanity in others.
When we work together as a global community, we can make a real difference in the world. We can build an equitable society where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.
This empathy and rationale are aspects I aspire all our delegates to develop through this edition of our beloved MUN. I look forward to seeing all our delegates on the day of the conference: packed with passion, resilience and zeal, ready to resolve issues with a diplomatic and sophisticated stance.
Over the past seven years, GCMUN has had many successes and challenges. Despite those multiple challenges, we strive to be a bolder and better version of GCMUN each consecutive year. We long to inspire each of the delegates who are a part of GCMUN, for without our struggles, we would not be the outstanding and incredible versions of ourselves that we are today. 
Here at GCMUN, we construct a safe path for you to engulf yourself with knowledge and develop an experience so wonderful that you will gracefully become the change in the world you wish to see. 
At GCMUN, we promise to award you with an experience that transforms you into a more diplomatic, informed, and confident individual. I can wholeheartedly say that you will leave this conference as an unparalleled and splendid person you never even imagined you could be. You will leave this room with memories and companions to last you a lifetime. 
To conclude, I want to emphasise that you come to GCMUN with a thirst to bring change and a heart yearning for a better world. Thus, we assure to bestow upon you a cornucopia of possibilities and apprehension, helping you to achieve this remarkable dream. 

I take immense delight in being a member of an organisation that simulates global issues and models real-world challenges but also inspires greater awareness and change in the future generation of global leaders. Through our carefully curated agendas, excellent hospitality, and highly knowledgeable panel of chairpersons, GCMUN aims to sensitise as well as inspire. 

I am beyond grateful for the response we’ve gotten so far, and am heartened to see such empowered and astounding delegates among us. I truly hope that the experience you take away from GCMUN 2024 is empowering and provoking.
Message from Secretary General

Athena Sheth

Athena Sheth is an accomplished and dynamic individual who has made significant contributions to the world of Model United Nations. With two years of experience in organising and leading GCMUN, Athena holds the prestigious position of Secretary General, as the head of the entire conference. Her exceptional leadership skills and unparalleled dedication to her role have lead to the immense growth of GCMUN. 

Having served as the Deputy Secretary General in the previous edition of GCMUN, Athena possesses a deep insight into the intricacies of MUN procedures and protocols. Her astute understanding of the MUN landscape, coupled with her ability to think critically and find innovative solutions to complex issues, make her an influential figure in the MUN community.

Athena's passion for fostering diplomacy and understanding among youth is evident through her tireless efforts to create an inclusive and engaging environment at GCMUN. With her visionary approach, she consistently encourages delegates to delve deeper into global affairs, nurturing their skills in negotiation, public speaking, and research.

Besides her outstanding contributions to MUN, Athena is known for her exceptional interpersonal skills, enabling her to build strong relationships with the organizing team, delegates, and faculty advisors. Her ability to foster teamwork and inspire individuals to achieve their fullest potential adds tremendous value to the entire MUN experience.

In conclusion, Athena Sheth has had tremendous impact on the world of GCMUN. She has transferred this impeccable MUN into an environment that not only teaches and inspires young minds but also fosters a feeling of global responsibility and empathy.

Message from Principal

Mrs. Rakhi Mukherjee

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-18 at 9.01_edited.png

At USGS and PPSJC, we have always preached that, life is not about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself. Therefore, students and delegates all around, huddle up with curiosity in your minds and a competitive spirit in your hearts, because, I, Mrs. Rakhi Mukherjee, the Principal of Utpal Shanghvi Global School and Prabhavati Padamshi Soni International Junior College, present to you with pride, the 8th edition of our prestigious institution’s very own, annual event, GCMUN 2024.


Our Global Confluence Model UN is the event to attend if you wish to create your personality as a delegate nation, debating with empathy yet diplomacy, to combat several global issues that divide our world today. Here, we encourage you to discover your personalities as the youth of today but the future of tomorrow, helping you create yourself as an individual in our world.

The GCMUN’s primary purpose is to discuss and resolve contentious world issues, and this year we aim to do the same. I’m sure no one is unaware of the state of turmoil the world has been in this year. Therefore, in this year’s conference, we aim to focus on the recent political chaos through the medium of various committees designed to tackle specific global issues.


Over the years, GCMUN has not been spared of its own hurdles and obstacles, but with immense pleasure I can say we have powered through them with great brevity, and we could not be more grateful to you, dear delegates, to always keep our team motivated and optimistic. The legacy of this event holds its ground strong and true, and we are certainly here to stay, leaving our mark.

At GCMUN, we encourage young minds to pave the way for global change in any way suitable to their abilities, this event shapes students to broaden their horizons and help them view the world through a larger, more informed perspective; in order to make progress by leaps and bounds, and be a confident individual truly making a difference in our world.


We open our doors for delegates from far and wide, to join us in this revolutionary change for the better for everyone because, after all, peace begins with you!

Utpal Shanghvi Global School

Utpal Shanghvi Global School: E W Rd Number 3, Chand Society, JVPD Scheme, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049, India

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