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Come take a look at the stars, sparkling and gleaming, behind the curtains. The ones moving mountains, to make GCMUN 2023 the event of the year! Stands before you, the pillars of GCMUN 2024, our Secretariat and Core team! With the ignited spark of passion and the fuel for innovation, our team welcomes you, dear delegates! 

Athena Sheth

Secretary General

With a passion for both business and creative arts Athena is the personification of an all rounder. Her debating skills coupled with her hardworking nature makes her the perfect sec gen for GCMUN 2023. Athena always sets goals that command thoughts, liberate enthusiasm and inspire each individual along the way. Previously deputy secretary general of GCMUN she knows the ins and outs of the conference and will help navigate you through your MUN journey with ease. GCMUN 2023 is indefinitely lucky to have such a leader!

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Ananya Nair

Deputy Secretary General

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Diti Chhaproo

Director General

Diti is a unwavering advocate of the saying “where these is no struggle there is no strength”. Her tireless professional ethic and inclusive behaviour are traits that have become second nature to her, and she brings them to the forefront in every aspect of her life. With over four years of experience in MUNning, Diti has honed her skills in delegation, resolution drafting, and cold calling. Her organized approach to every task at hand is a testament to her ability to manage multiple responsibilities with ease. This year, she yearns to expand her (m)understanding and help make this upcoming conference the most successful one yet.

Yashica Kalliyat

Chief Of Staff

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Yashica kalliyat is our chief of staff for this edition. She’s an enthusiastic learner who loves to strike random conversations Additionally, she is a marketing associate for business club. Her dynamic participation in multiple MUNs really show her love for it. Yashica’s victory in the BHISMUN and IRMUN were truly remarkable .Her love for her surrounding echoes in her initiatives . She has been a part of various beach and donation drives to provide resources for the poor. Being an active volunteer, she always gives back to the community!

Devina Muzumdar 

USG Delegate Affairs Head

Forever effervescent, Devina Muzumdar is a passionate and sedulous team worker. Her interests lie mainly in research on global affairs and behavioural economics.
She is an advisor to The Invisable Hand and the Social Media Head for the humanities club. Having strong interpersonal skills she is thrilled to be a part of the Delegate Affairs team!


Shviti Jain

USG Design Head

Meet our tenacious creative head, Shviti jain. She is always on the lookout for new experiences and hopes to learn and grow with each one! While possessing qualities of a leader, she is creative and is very excited to work with her design team. She can whip up awe striking designs putting her 100% in it making sure it is perfect. She is incredibly excited to work with her team and is looking forward for gcmun 2023.

Shlok Lunia

USG Technical Head

Shlok embodies leadership as the president of Corporate Street, while also excelling as the captain of his college's cricket and tug of war teams. He thrives in the competitive atmosphere, participating in interhouse and intercollege competitions with unwavering enthusiasm. With his remarkable organizational skills, sportsmanship, and approachability, Shlok effortlessly balances his responsibilities.

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Jash Jain

USG Hospitality Head

Jash Jain is an excellent orator with managerial skills and can collaborate and connect with people easily and lead  with example. He delivers quality and will make sure everyone has the best MUN experience!

With a passion for environmentalism and sustainable living, she is an active member of OH-Wake and Lonely Whale, where she advocates for transformative policy changes. She has engaged in over 20 prestigious MUNs and has been the youngest chairperson in the history of numerous college circuit MUNs. Join us as we embark on a journey of awareness and impactful change with our passionate Deputy Secretary General.


Jiya Banerjee

USG Content Head

A tenacious worker, Jiya keeps everyone on their toes with her unique ideas.Having honed her skills through various positions like Managing Editor for the School magazine, and President of the Student's Society of Social Sciences, she has invariable experience. With a knack for creativity, and an all-consuming passion for reading, she is ambitious, determined, and quality oriented, making her an irreplaceable addition to our team!


Vishesh Jain

USG Finance Head

Vishesh has an enthusiastic approach and is a skilled leader with a natural talent for managing finances and has a passion for numbers. His strong leadership qualities inspire his team members to perform at their best. He maintains transparency and accountability, ensuring the GCMUN's financial success. With a strong bond with the finance team, it is in capable hands, ready to optimize resources and achieve the common goal.


Joshua Gaikwad

USG Logistics co Head

Joshua Gaikwad is ambitious, driven and thrives on challenge and constantly sets goals for himself. Never being comfortable sitting still, he is always looking for an opportunity to do better for himself and the people he works with. All these skills make him a fantastic addition to our team!

Aarav Nagarajan

USG Logistics co Head

Aarav Nagarajan is a highly dedicated and passionate worker. He enjoys spending time with his colleagues and peers. A 12th-grade student committed to excellence, Aarav's attention to detail and organizational skills are second to none. Through his hard work and commitment, Aarav has demonstrated his ability to lead and collaborate effectively with his peers.


Naveli Mehta

USG marketing co Head

Naveli witnessed the very first edition of GCMUN, and she was in awe. People running across with walkie talkies in suits made her want to understand the behind the scenes of the success of GCMUN. She is the PR head of the Economics Club of PPSIJC, along with a vital part of the team that won an interschool filmmaking competition at Bombay Scottish high school. Additionally she had taken part in GCMUN last year and ended up winning best delegate in her committee. Now, she has joined the OC to experience the other side while using her marketing skills.

Ayesha Memon

USG marketing co Head

Ayesha is a creative and outgoing person who enjoys working with people. She has a passion for marketing and social media, and has developed a strong understanding of how to use these platforms effectively. Along with having a keen eye for detail and always looking for ways to improve her skills, she is also very organized and is able to manage multiple tasks at once. Ayesha is thrilled to be joining us for this magnificent event as the marketing Co head for GCMUN!

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Ms. Bhavana Naik

Teacher in-charge

With pride in our mind and joy in our hearts we introduce our Teacher in charge Ms Bhavana.  Being the resident perfectionist, Ms Bhavana leaves no flaw unaddressed in the planning and organisation of any event and strives to impart the ideal of continual progress and improvement in her students. She challenges us to do better and be better through her resilient nature. Ms Bhavana never gives up on her students, believing in us more than we believe in ourselves. However, parallel to this ambition she continues to remain a nurturing and approachable presence to us all, stopping at nothing to make sure we are on the same page with her, academically or otherwise.

Mrs. Shubhangi Amonkar

Vice Principal

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The whole art of teaching and inspiring, is only the skill of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards, and our beloved vice principal, Mrs Shubhangi Amonkar surpasses to fulfil this motif. She is truly an extraordinary persona that has motivated and encouraged so many PPSIJCites during her time at the institution, and continues to do so. Her professional efforts and level-headed spirit have helped make so many previous school and college events, including previous years’ GCMUNs, an utter success! 

Mrs. Varsha Kusnur

A-level Supervisor

The angelic soul of PPSIJC and the backbone of every college event, our affable supervisor, Miss Varsha Kusnur. She is the guiding light, the hidden gem, who has influenced students well beyond the classroom and has moulded our bizarre personalities into courteous ones. Ma’am has encouraged each student to strive for excellence through her counselling and intelligence. She has always been one to welcome students with open arms and an ardent smile, and resolve every petty or severe issue with utmost grace and tranquillity. 

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Divith Chowdhury

Chief Advisor

Divith Chowdhary is an avid MUNner, who is deeply passionate about international relations. Having contributed towards the upbringing of social welfare by collaborating with the distinguished Janseva Foundation, a non-profit NGO, he continually works to improve his community. Divith actively recognises and advocates the perception of young diplomats in shaping the global economy into a prosperous future for the generations to come. Divith has clearly set a benchmark for GCMUN, considering his substantial experience in the MUN circuit. The GCMUN 2023 team is blessed to have such a great advisor backing our every move!

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